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Located in The Ballyowen Castle Centre, Lucan.

Just opposite the Pennyhill Pub and Lidl.



Attending for an appointment?
What's changed???
UPDATED Level 5 Restrictions

As Chartered Physiotherapists we are regulated and governed by the ISCP (Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists), the HSE/Department of Health.

Physiotherapy as a branch of medicine or a medical / allied health service, our profession falls within the scope of essential public health services under the health & Social Care Professionals Act 2005.

Please view the act here: (http://www.irishstatutebook.ie/eli/2005/act/27/section/4/enacted/en/html#sec4

If you are attending for an appointment, you may encounter increased An Garda Siochana road checks. If you are stopped please have your appointment confirmation email ready to show the Garda. This will ensure you are able to travel to your appointment.

In the interest of infection control, we have made changes to how we work and the types of treatments we can perform and techniques we use.

As per current advice, should you be displaying any symptoms, however minor (cough, temperature, loss of smell or taste) We would ask you to please not attend for physiotherapy treatments and contact your GP or the HSE for immediate Covid19 testing. The more testing we do, the better in helping us to contain this virus and thus protect our loved ones and those working throughout our healthcare system.

If you are symptom free and have not been in contact with anyone displaying symptoms in the past 2 weeks, please feel free to attend for an appointment.

Physiotherapy Treatments not currently available

Respiratory Physiotherapy- due to the nature of respiratory physiotherapy there is increased risk of aerosol droplets in the air and risk of cross infection so this is no longer a treatment option until further notice.

Manipulations and other Treatments

As a specialist in spinal and peripheral joint manipulations, I have adapted certain techniques in order to reduce the forced sudden expiration that can occur during these techniques. This will be assessed on an individual basis.

Attending the clinic

Should you wear a surgical face mask or respirator?

As per recent government guidelines surrounding the use of face coverings we would ask that all attending our clinic to please wear a face mask or covering.

If you do not have one then we can supply you with one in the clinic as we have them in stock for just €2 each.

All our therapists will be wearing a surgical face mask for all treatments

Surface and cross infection

While we have always had a policy of fully disinfecting our treatment tables between patients, we are currently allocating extra time in between each appointment to ensure complete disinfection of all surfaces and equipment used.

In that regard, we have stopped the use of pillows and towels in our clinic. When attending, please bear in mind that during examinations and treatments you may need to lie on your back, feel free to bring your jacket/jumper to be used as a pillow. This can also be used for partial cover during certain assessments or treatments where we require you to remove items of clothing such as your top or trousers etc. Please bear this in mind when attending.

When you arrive at the clinic please use the hand sanitiser provided at the front desk.

As mentioned, we are allocating more time between appointments to allow for cleaning, this is also to aid in social distancing requirements. Please bear in mind that when you enter our clinic, should there be another patient or customer, remember to maintain at least 2 meters from each other. Alternatively please feel free to wait until that person has left the clinic before entering. In order for our new procedures to be fully effective we would kindly ask that you arrive on your treatment time or shortly before.

Any questions please do not hesitate to email us at: physiologic.ie@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Stay healthy, stay safe.

Michael Sheridan





Physiologic are Chartered Physiotherapy, Sports Injury & Pain Clinic based in Lucan Co. Dublin .

We offer a full range of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services using modern treatments and technologies in order to provide prompt diagnosis and treatment for your Injuries and Conditions.

Our aim is to provide the best possible care for our patients enabling you to return to pre injury levels of activity in the shortest possible timeframes. Our Physiotherapists are all practicing members of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (MISCP). The cost of your treatments are tax deductible and covered by all major health insurers.


Physiologic was set up by Michael Sheridan (MISCP) Chartered Physiotherapist in 2010. Michael had the intention of opening a clinic whereby the patient comes first. He has a very hand on approach to Physiotherapy and believes no patient should be hooked up to a machine, left there for 30 minutes just to be told to come back again in a few days time. This has never and will never happen at any of his clinics. He believes patient education is paramount to their recovery and actively involves his patients in their own recovery ensuring they have a full understanding of their underlying pathology, why he believes a particular treatment is appropriate and advice on how to avoid reoccurring injuries.

Physiologic has now grown to two clinics based in Smithfield and Lucan. Both clinics are furnished with a fully equipped gym in order to obtain the maximum level of patient recovery to pre injury levels of activity. 

Both of the Physiologic Physiotherapy Clinics operate within a Multidisciplinary Setting so that we can offer unparalleled service provision including Medical & Consultancy Services, rapid access to Diagnostics (MRI, X-Ray,DEXA,Ultrasound) with our partners in Charter Medical and Alliance Medical.  Because of this we have a very fast turn around for Diagnostic and Consultant Referrals to maximize treatment times and outcome measures. In a nutshell, if we can’t help you, one of our colleagues can!


Ballyowen Castle Centre, Lucan
Physiologic Physio Lucan Ballyowen Lane.

Open 6 days a week.

Located just opposite Lidl and The Penny Hill Pub in Ballyowen Castle.

Mon:  10am-7pm

Tues:  10am-7pm

Wed:  10am-7pm

Thur: 10am-8pm

Fri:     10am-7pm

Sat:    10am-2pm



We treat many conditions including:

Pelvic Pain / urinary incontinence

Sports injuries

Neck & Back Pain


Neurological Conditions

Respiratory Conditions


Sprains & Strains

Orthopaedic conditions

Pre/post operative

Groin Injuries

Hamstring Injuries

Repetitive strain injuries



Women's Health Physiotherapy


Biomechanical Conditions



Frozen Shoulder

Foot Problems

Growth Related Injuries

Golfer’s Elbow

Tennis Elbow 


Sacroiliac Problems

Shin Splints




Joint & Tendon Injections


Cortisone or Steroid Injections and Joint Aspirations for the treatment of conditions such as Inflammatory Arthritis, Gout, Tennis Elbow, Frozen Shoulder

Shockwave Therapy


We are now one of a few clinics  to offer this highly effective non surgical treatment for stubborn muscle & tendon injuries

This is available in our Smithfield clinic only.

Dry needling


Dry Needling is a fast and highly effective treatment for the release of myofascial/muscle pain, trigger point release and referred pain such as tension headaches.

Strength & Conditioning 


Our Smithfield Clinic no offers one to one or small group strength & conditioning coaching. This is run by our experienced strength and conditioning coach Brian Connolly.

Massage Therapy  & Pilates

We offer Sports Massage Therapy from fully qualified end experienced therapists. We also offer Pilates Instruction and small group classes

Pre & post operative rehab


Used to speed up your recovery following surgery and reduce any post surgical complications.

Electro therapy & ultrasound therapy

Used to reduce pain and inflammation. Break down scar tissue, increase circulation and speed up recovery times.

Medical legal report writing


Road traffic Accidents, Work Related Injuries. We will liaise with your insurer or legal professional to provide Medical Legal Reports.

Biomechanical & postural assessments & treatment

Work related ergonomics, postural imbalance.

Joint mobilisations & manipulations


Used to loosen up and restore normal movement to stiff and painful joints.

Orthotics assessment & prescription

Custom Orthotics to help alleviate pain in the feet, knees, hips and lower back.

Soft tissue manipulation

Soft & Deep tissue massage, X- friction massage. Ultrasound Therapy for breaking down scar tissue formation, increasing blood flow and aiding recovery following injury


Our Team

Michael Sheridan

(BSc Physio,MISCP,KNGF,Dip Ortho, MISORM)

Clinical Specialties: Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic & Rheumatological Medicine, Spinal Disorders and Sports injuries.

Michael received his Undergraduate training at the European School of Physiotherapy in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Following this he has continued his professional development completing Post Graduate studies in Biomechanics & Orthotics prescription, Dry Needling for Myofascial Pain & Trigger Point Release, Neuro Structural Integration Technique (NST), Mulligans Spinal Mobilisation Techniques, he has a post Graduate Diploma in Orthopaedic & Rheumatological Medicine awarded by Galway University and a post graduate qualification in Musculoskeletal Injection Therapy awarded by the Royal Collage of Surgeons Dublin. Michael is a practicing member of the Irish Society of Orthopaedic & Rheumatological Medicine (MISORM). 

Michael has worked in both the public and private sectors as a Chartered Physiotherapist working with Orthopaedics, Acute Cardio Respiratory, Acute Neurology, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Adult and Paediatric Neurology, Sports Injuries.

Michael has a keen interest in Sports Injuries and Spinal Conditions. He has worked as a team Physio for various GAA and Rugby Clubs over the years and is a keen cyclist competing in numerous Enduro and Downhill Mountainbiking Events. 

Fintan Bray
Clinical Specialties: Sports Injuries, Knee Complaints, Physiotherapy for Children and Adolescents

Qualifications and Education

Fintan is a fully licensed chartered Physiotherapist and current member of the ISCP (Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists). Fintan obtained his BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy degree at Ulster University. 

Fintan has recently returned to college to study Medicine in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and aims to become an Orthopaedic Surgeon in the future.


Experience and Interests 

Since graduating Fintan has been working with musculoskeletal injuries in a major Dublin hospital. It was here that Fintan developed a particular interest in the treatment of knee pain and a holistic approach to low back pain.

As a keen footballer and sports fan, Fintan has a passion for rehabilitating sports injuries - ensuring that the athlete not only returns to sport pain free but also stronger and equipped with the knowledge they need to prevent further injuries.



I was suffering from chronic lower back pain for months. I attended Michael at physiologic in smithfield and found him very helpful and friendly. I got an MRI within one week and he explained my condition in plain english. Michael showed me how to manage my back pain at home and it is now a distant memory. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

I was treated by Niamh at physiologic in Lucan after my ACL reconstruction. I found Niamh very helpful and knowledgeable. I was also surprised to see the full Gym setup in the clinic so I could do my rehab in the clinic , it really helped speed up my recovery.

I attended Michael from physiologic at his Maynooth clinic for ongoing tension headaches. pain killers just didnt work anymore. Michael treated me with some Dry-Needling  and after 3 treatments my headaches were gone. He also showed me some exercises to do to prevent them coming back. Fantastic service, great staff.

Philip Cruz

Danielle Hudson

Meghan Charles

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